Review – Royal Remy Hair Extensions in Royal Platinum Blonde by Irresistible Me

Review – GEO Angel (Edge – CM831) Series in Violet

GEO Angel (Edge – CM831) Series in Violet

Review – Kimchi Bambi series in Pink

Kimchi Bambi series in Pink

Review – Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Hot

Product : High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Hot Brand: Bobbi Brown Purchased from: Provided for review at Adelaide Beauty Conference 2011 Price: $42 The plain case and writing suits well with Bobbi Browns theme but it’s way to plain for my tastes. The packaging doesn’t lend itself towards an expensive item in my opinion I want my packaging to scream beauty. However the sleek packaging is very similar to the rest of the brand and thus if you know of {Read More}

Review – Peripera in Uptown Blue BL605

  Product : Peripera Nail Polish in BL605 Brand: Purchased from: Gmarket Price: $6 USD Today I’m showing you one of my favourite makeup brands. You may have seen my previous post on my old blog about the amazing Lipcolours  from the same brand (will be updating it for this blog soon). I was also featured on LipStalker in the same lovely lipstick. But today we are looking at the amazing nail polish. This lovely colour is called Uptown Blue! {Read More}

Review – Fynale Kiwi Series (J06) in Pink

  Fynale Kiwi Series (J06) in Pink Name: Kiwi (J06) in Pink Company: Fynale Origin: Korea Manufacturer: I-Medi Co Ltd Diameter: 14.5mm with 16mm++ Enlargement Water Content: 42% Base Curve: 8.6mm Life Span: 1 Year Disposal Power Range: Plano ~ 6.5D | 0.50 Step Price: $25Aud Available From: Official Fynale Facebook Page (Back and front of the lenses)

Review: Fernwood Cell IQ – First Session

Hey Guys! Today I’m here to give you my review of the Cell IQ treatment available at Fernwood gym’s around Australia. I had been looking into the treatment for a while and I noticed a lack of outside source reviews. Sure the site has quite a few testimonials and photo’s but I really wanted to see reviews from an outside point of view. So after I was offered a free session I decided to do the review myself! Lets be {Read More}

Review – Kimchi Mermaid Series in Green

  Kimchi Mermaid Series in Green

Review – My Little Pony Cutie Mark Shorts in Rarity by Vitae Clothing

Wow that title is a mouth full! Today I’m here with another review of the wonderful brand Vitae Clothing I love My Little Pony and I have loved it since I was a little girl. That’s right I’m a hipster pony! I own the original 1984 series on DVD and still have many of my ponies from when I was younger.  So when the new series began I was very excited to see how they had evolved. The new series {Read More}

Review – Kimchi Mio Series in Pink

Kimchi Mio Series in Pink