Cute Winter Caplets from Miss Pixie

Ah it is getting quite cold here in Adelaide. I’m from Canberra so it’s not the coldest I’ve experience but still cold. However my house here seems to hold in the cold really well, which is great for summer and terrible for winter. Brrrrr But I’ve just got my hands on a super cute polar fleece capelet from Miss Pixie! Here are some of the styles she has available. Gismo brand Dinosaur capelet   Cute Monkey hooded capelet.   Rilakkuma {Read More}

Fur Capelet

More winter Finds! A super sweet capelet from Taobao! (Taobao = Chinese Ebay kinda) The price is about $34 Aud The item can be found here! I absolutely adore capelets! I plan on making some of my own down the track! Whats is your fav winter item? <3 Jen