Beauty Bytes TV – Episode 1 Pastels will rule the world!

Hi Guys So the first episode of Beauty Bytes TV is up for your viewing pleasure! In this episode Celeste from and I talk about 2 really great Aussie brands that I love! We are also giving away an entire set of Face of Australia Pastel Nail Polishes so get too it you only have a few days left before we reach 100 Subscribers! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and commented on our new channel. It’s {Read More}

Embarking upon a new Adventure: Beauty Bytes TV!

That’s Right! Celeste from Becoming Beautiful and I have just started up our very own Youtube channel! When I comes to video or even photo’s I always look back at myself and hate what I see. I pretty much just look at myself and think “Wow I look like a giant Knob” So hopefully this new channel will help me address those issues. Or a least provide some entertainment for those who watch it! Please head over a check it {Read More}