Off to Brisvegas!!

Wondering why my blog is quiet today? That’s because I’m away in Brisbane for my Brother’s wedding! You can follow my journey on instagram [instapress userid=”Jeneara” piccount=”3″ size=”150″ effect=”fancybox”] Twitter Or Facebook

Review – Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair removal system

Product : Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair removal system Brand: Phillips Purchased from: Provided for review Price: $1,299.95 (Currently $799.95 22/2/13) Available from: Shaver Shop To say I was happy to receive the Lumea to review is a huge understatement. I have previously had laser so I was really interested to see how IPL stacked up against it. The reason I’ve waited so long to get this review to you guys is I really wanted to put the Lumea through {Read More}

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or happy whatever else you do or don’t celebrate. I hope you eat copious amounts of food are showered with presents and thoroughly enjoy the company you have around you. Sadly there could be only one winner of the ABBM Christmas giveaway. So here. Have a Christmas tree made out of My Little Ponies. Art by Empty-10

Site Error

As you can all see the site is up but lacking um well any content… There appears to have been a problem with the transfer. We are working hard to fix this! I’ll be back soon. My email is working again now! <3 Jen

Geek is the new Cool!

  I’m sure without a doubt 80% of you reading this are in exactly the same shoes as me. High school was a nightmare. We weren’t ‘cool’, we were ‘lame’. We liked Comics, Video Games, Table Top Games, Card Games, Cosplay, Lolita, Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Fanfic, Books and Computers. But Highschool is behind us, and were in a new world now. A world were all of the above are now cool. My Stargate boxsets, My little pony shirts, Baldur’s Gate {Read More}

5 things about me you probably didn’t know

X ray by Gil Elvgren   With a new year and a new domain comes somewhat of a fresh slate but to be honest this year is no different than the last year or the year before unless I make it. So I’m starting off this new blog domain with a few things about be you may not have known. Many of these things are very personal but I find if I can’t admit them to you and my friends {Read More}