Review – Peripera in Uptown Blue BL605

  Product : Peripera Nail Polish in BL605 Brand: Purchased from: Gmarket Price: $6 USD Today I’m showing you one of my favourite makeup brands. You may have seen my previous post on my old blog about the amazing Lipcolours  from the same brand (will be updating it for this blog soon). I was also featured on LipStalker in the same lovely lipstick. But today we are looking at the amazing nail polish. This lovely colour is called Uptown Blue! {Read More}

How crochet saved my nails

Many moons ago and on a different blog some of your may remember that I had a terrible nail biting problem. This was my attempt to stop biting them the first time! I even filmed 2 videos. Here and here. To break a habit is problematic, but to break one when you don’t even know your doing it is a very challenging prospect. So undertook steps to bet this bad habit! Here they are 1. Isolate the problem! This was {Read More}