KDrama Love – Queen In Hyun’s Man (인현왕후의 남자)

  Today I’m here to talk about one of my other loves KDrama! I really didn’t start getting into KDrama until last year but I have been stuck on it ever since. Ok so beside being in another language whats so different about KDrama to western dramas? KDrama doesn’t mean just korean shows in the drama genre like western shows. Drama is the title given to most TV Shows. So you have KDrama with all different genres. Most of the {Read More}

Review – Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Hot

Product : High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Hot Brand: Bobbi Brown Purchased from: Provided for review at Adelaide Beauty Conference 2011 Price: $42 The plain case and writing suits well with Bobbi Browns theme but it’s way to plain for my tastes. The packaging doesn’t lend itself towards an expensive item in my opinion I want my packaging to scream beauty. However the sleek packaging is very similar to the rest of the brand and thus if you know of {Read More}

X-mas Time Giveaway!

I Love Christmas! The food, lights, family and most of all THE PRESENTS!! So this year a few of the lovely #ABBM Ladies have pulled together to give a super special big Christmas giveaway! The #ABBM or Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meets have been a never ending fountain of support, friendship and guidance to me. We are all  different from our ages, to our skin, to our lifestyles but together we are a family and a community. Since moving to Adelaide {Read More}

Beauty Bytes TV – Episode 1 Pastels will rule the world!

Hi Guys So the first episode of Beauty Bytes TV is up for your viewing pleasure! In this episode Celeste from becomingbeautiful.com and I talk about 2 really great Aussie brands that I love! We are also giving away an entire set of Face of Australia Pastel Nail Polishes so get too it you only have a few days left before we reach 100 Subscribers! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and commented on our new channel. It’s {Read More}

Nerdy Lolita – Link Coordinate

Lolita Halloween Costumes: Link by opiatevampire featuring a pearl heart necklace Just in time for Halloween! I Love nerdy Lolita Coordinates Coordinates by the lovely Opiate Vampire Thanks for reading

Embarking upon a new Adventure: Beauty Bytes TV!

That’s Right! Celeste from Becoming Beautiful and I have just started up our very own Youtube channel! When I comes to video or even photo’s I always look back at myself and hate what I see. I pretty much just look at myself and think “Wow I look like a giant Knob” So hopefully this new channel will help me address those issues. Or a least provide some entertainment for those who watch it! Please head over a check it {Read More}

Review – Fynale Kiwi Series (J06) in Pink

  Fynale Kiwi Series (J06) in Pink Name: Kiwi (J06) in Pink Company: Fynale Origin: Korea Manufacturer: I-Medi Co Ltd Diameter: 14.5mm with 16mm++ Enlargement Water Content: 42% Base Curve: 8.6mm Life Span: 1 Year Disposal Power Range: Plano ~ 6.5D | 0.50 Step Price: $25Aud Available From: Official Fynale Facebook Page (Back and front of the lenses)

Adelaide Beauty Conference is almost here!

As many of you know I attended the 2011 Adelaide Beauty conference, but you might not be aware that I’m actually helping to organise it this year! That is why my blog has been dead for the last few weeks. I’m so sorry I  have just been flat out getting everything ready for the 2012 Adelaide Beauty Conference! and you know what! The day is finally here. Tomorrow 26 beautiful ladies will converge at our lovely venue Media Makeup. The {Read More}

Review: Fernwood Cell IQ – First Session

Hey Guys! Today I’m here to give you my review of the Cell IQ treatment available at Fernwood gym’s around Australia. I had been looking into the treatment for a while and I noticed a lack of outside source reviews. Sure the site has quite a few testimonials and photo’s but I really wanted to see reviews from an outside point of view. So after I was offered a free session I decided to do the review myself! Lets be {Read More}

Review – Nivea Pure and Natural lip balm in Milk and Honey

Product : Pure and Natural lip balm in Milk and Honey Brand: Nivea Purchased from: Priceline Available from:Priceline, Target, Big W, Kmart and Coles Price: $5AUD