About Me

Myself, cosplaying as Giselle from Disney’s enchanted by the wonderful Charmaine Morgan from Charmaine Morgan Photography.


My name is Steph and I’m the editor of Jeneara.com
I’m a cosplayer, geek, video gamer, comic fan and beauty lover. A quirky mix of adorable and badass or at least I like to think so.


My Main Focus

Bringing the exotic closer to home.

Demystifying and deconstructing Asian products for a western audience.

As an avid lover of Asian products and culture I found a gap in the market and decided to be the solution to the problem.

My blog will focus on reviewing and introducing you to brands that you might not have heard or seen before.


Secondary Focus

Lifestyle and love.

This blog is an outlet for me post about all the things I love. As such the content varies from Cute fluffy outfits to K-pop, beauty and video games.
I believe there will be something for everyone on this blog. This blog is a reflection of me and all my interests so don’t be surprised if I post a review on a vintage dress and then a game review.
I am a firm believer in never letting anyone tell you that you can’t like something because it’s different to what you ‘should’ like. Sure I love cute puppies and dressing like a princess but that doesn’t mean I don’t like blowing the heads of husks in Mass Effect or spending a night playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends.


In all things, be yourself, pretending to be someone else is so exhausting.


Other Projects


I’m one of the three hosts of ActFur on air, furry radio for everyone!


As well as hosting a beauty channel with my dear friend Celeste from Becoming Beautiful called Beauty Bytes TV.