Review – Royal Remy Hair Extensions in Royal Platinum Blonde by Irresistible Me

Hair Extensions From Irresistible Me

Product : Royal Remy Hair Extensions

Colour: Royal Platinum Blonde

Length: 22 Inch

Weight: 200g set

Brand: Irresistible Me

Purchased from: Provided for review

Price: $299 USD

Available from: Irresistible Me


Before the New year I was lucky enough to be approached by to review their hair extensions.

It seemed like fate as I had been thinking about getting hair extensions for a while, but wasn’t quite sure on the type of extensions or weight and if I could get one that could match my current hair colour. It was a world I had never looked into before and I had felt a bit overwhelmed to be honest.

So when contacted me I jumped at the chance to dip my toes into the hair extension pool.

I spent a good couple of hours going through the information on the website. Reading their super helpful fact sheet and working out exactly what I wanted in my extensions.

I wanted length, durability and most of all, the ability to dye the extensions.

In the end I went with the 22in 200g Royal Remy set in Royal Platinum Blonde.

Features of the Royal Remy Range

  • Very easy to blend with your own hair
  • Easily styled, cut, colored and curled.
  • 200 g sets (10 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)
  • 100% Human Indian Remy hair extensions


Extensions1The extensions arrived safely and very quickly within just under a week from placing my order!

The box received minimal damage on its way to me as well, which is great as that can always be a problem with international shipping.

They arrived in a box that contained a foil sealed bag with a quality and hygiene seal.

Naturally once you open the product the return policy is no longer valid which makes perfect sense for hygiene reasons. However I was surprise to find an awesome addition to the packaging.

Extensions2The foil seal bag actually contains 2 compartments!

This means you are able to remove an extension check colour, length and quality and still retain your return policy.

It’s brilliant.

The compartment also contains spare weft clips as well.

The Wefts in all their glory


The hair was soft and easy to comb.

I was surprised about the sheer amount of hair!

I was already super impressed with the extensions but they had one final test to pass before they graced my head.

You see, I don’t have blonde hair. I have rainbow hair.


So I passed my extensions on to my amazing hairdresser Mel at The Ambrose Collective to dye them to match my hair colour.


Oh and did they dye well or what!

When I received these pictures from Mel I was ecstatic.

They took the dye so well.

Extensions5Photo by The Ambrose Collective

I should have taken a before photo of my hair length but to be honest I forgot because I was so excited to try the extensions on.

To give you an idea my natural hair is about shoulder length.

Instagram photos ensued.




Final Thoughts

I feel like my first introduction to hair extensions couldn’t have gone better.

They ticked every box. I really feel like there isn’t a bad thing I can say about them.

The delivery was fast and free for purchases over $150.

The packaging was secure, hygienic and incredibly functional and return policy friendly with the extra pocket.

The extensions themselves were soft and of a very high quality.  The extension remain the same width all the way down the strand so you have the freedom to cut them to suit your hairstyle.

They took dye so well and still look amazing after a couple of wears. They styled easily with a straightener and then brushed out nicely.

The only reservation I had, was about the price but it truly reflects their value. I have been burned before buying wigs online only to have them turn out to be inferior quality but these extensions passed every test I gave them.

I went for the highest tier and it is definitely what I got. I have so many wefts I don’t think I even need to wear them all if I wanted to use them for casual wear and just pull them all out for big events.

If you are looking for something a little lighter and for more everyday use the Silky Touch range may be better suited to your needs.

My biggest problem is I will probably want to change my hair colour before these babies are anywhere near needing to be retired.


IMG_1023Photo by The Ambrose Collective


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