Review – GEO Angel (Edge – CM832) Series in Blue

GEO Angel (Edge – CM832) Series in Blue


Name: Angel (Edge – CM832) Series in Blue

Company: GEO

Origin: Korea

Manufacturer:GEO Medical

Diameter: 14.2mm

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

Power Range: Plano ~ 6.00D | 0.25 Step

6.00D ~ 10.00D | 0.50 Step

Price:$15 AUD

Available from: Adelaide Little Lens


(Back and front of the lenses)

Again as with the Violet version of these lenses, the back is faded making it easy to distinguish the front and back sides.

Comfort – 4/5

Super comfortable to wear and barely any irritation. I always keep eye drops on hand but didn’t need to apply them this time. Worn for about 4 hours with no discomfort.

Prescription – 4/5

I had problems with the other lenses in this series during night-time so with this pair I made sure to wear them during the day to see the comparison.

I saw a huge difference. Although my vision was still impaired it was by no means as bad as the night-time wearing escapade I had.

I found it took me a few seconds to focus but then I could see most things clearly. However I would still not recommend you rely on this for driving especially at night.

Colour/Design – 3.5/5

The lens does appear lighter on brown eyes simply because of the colour overlay I believe. As I have blue eyes this just accentuated the blue making them appear as a vibrant dark blue. The design looked great on my eyes. The one tone lenses tend to create a doll-eyed look on me but as these were blue like my eyes, I felt this wasn’t as huge an impact with these lenses.

Lens Preview



Natural Light


With Flash



Enlargement – 2/5

Being a 14mm lens they don’t really push the doll eye effect. That being said, any lenses with a black rim create the illusion of bigger eyes as its defining the edge of the iris.

As these lenses were blue just like my eyes I found the enlargement effect to be lessened.




Packaging – 5/5

Sealed, labelled and came with an official Geo lens Authentication number. Which I love!

bottleblue1 bottleblue3 bottleblue2


Verdict – 4/5

Comfy, cute and not to overwhelming on the eyes. Not really something I could wear to work but getting closer to a more natural and less doll-eyed look.

Prescription worked well in daylight, my focus was only slightly delayed.

Thank you again to Adelaide Little Lens for sponsoring these lenses.

Also check out my review of the Violet Lenses from GEO Angel Range.


Keep your eyes peeled for more reviews from this range! 2 more colours to come!



Do you prefer 1 or 2 tone lenses?



  1. […] as with the Violet version and the Blue version of these lenses, the back is faded making it easy to distinguish the front and back […]

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