Review – GEO Angel (Edge – CM831) Series in Violet

GEO Angel (Edge – CM831) Series in Violet


Name: Angel (Edge – CM831) Series in Violet

Company: GEO

Origin: Korea

Manufacturer:GEO Medical

Diameter: 14.2mm

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

Power Range: Plano ~ 6.00D | 0.25 Step

6.00D ~ 10.00D | 0.50 Step

Price:$15 AUD

Available from: Adelaide Little Lens


ALLlensAngeviolet(Back and front of the lenses)

The Design is quite faded on the back as such you should have no problem putting these in the right way!

Comfort – 4/5

I found these Lenses to be quite comfortable. After about 4 hours thou I needed to add drops to my eyes badly. This also could be effected by the fact I was out at night. So if you plan on wearing these lenses for an extended period keep those eye drops on hand.

Prescription – 3/5

Although these lenses are in my prescription I found it quite hard to see at night. It was alright during the day but my vision was still impaired. I would not recommend these for drive or anything were you need to see long distances. I did wear them to an event and had no trouble in bright lights or close to medium range.

Colour/Design – 3.5/5

Although the lens previews and model photo’s make this lens look quite muted it is in fact very dark and vibrant on my blue eyes. The dark ring coupled with such a dark vibrant purple creates a very doll-like look even though the enlargement effect isn’t that big. I find that this is more common with 1 tone lenses.

Lens Preview



Natural Light


With Flash



Enlargement – 2.5/5

As these lenses are only 14mm they don’t create such a big enlargement effect on their own but this colour coupled with the black ring around my eye does create the illusion of bigger eyes.



Packaging – 5/5

Sealed, labelled and came with an official Geo lens Authentication number!



Verdict – 3.5/5

Great 1 tone lenses. Comfy and vibrant. They appear very dark on my eyes so not really an everyday lens for lighter eyes.

Thank you so much to Adelaide Little Lens for sponsoring these lenses.

Keep you eyes out for more reviews from this range!






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