Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection Part 2 (Pic heavy)

I’m back with another look into the Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection!


If this is your first time hearing or reading about this collection please check out my previous post. It contains a brief introduction of the brand and collection.

Today I’ll be featuring a few more products from the range!

Cupcake Eyes

Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes 125rb 1

Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes 125rb 2

Available in 5 cute shades these would work great for basic everyday make up.

I prefer more colour but the glitter is calling me! I really like the look of PK001

Cupcake All Over Colour

Sweet Recipe Cup Cakes All Over Color 104rb 1

Sweet Recipe Cup Cakes All Over Color 104rb 2Sweet Recipe Cup Cakes All Over Color 104rb 3

Products with multiple uses! Yes please! works for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Great product to keep in your bag so you can touch up any part of your face.

Also available is 5 lovely shades.

Chocolate Eyes



A basic three tone palette for lovely neutral chocolate eyes.

Just looking at this makes me crave chocolate. I really love the design and thought that went into all of the products. Everything looks so yummy.

Chocolate Highlighter



A highlighter palette featuring 3 shades.

The shades appear to be very sheer and frosty. The look of the case does worry me though. I’m scared it would get damaged very easily when traveling.

That’s all for today lovelies! Stay tuned for part 3.




  1. Did you try the purple cupcake allover? The colour looks really beautiful!

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