Review – Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair removal system


Product : Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair removal system

Brand: Phillips

Purchased from: Provided for review

Price: $1,299.95 (Currently $799.95 22/2/13)

Available from: Shaver Shop

To say I was happy to receive the Lumea to review is a huge understatement.

I have previously had laser so I was really interested to see how IPL stacked up against it.

The reason I’ve waited so long to get this review to you guys is I really wanted to put the Lumea through its motions to see how it fared over time.

What is IPL?

“Intense pulsed light, describes the use of intense pulses of non-coherent light distributed over a range of wavelengths from 500 nm to 1200 nm, for removal of hair and other purposes.A related but distinct technique is laser hair removal; the primary difference is that laser treatment uses laser-generated coherent and monochromatic light.”


  • Five adjustable light energy settings
  • Safe and effective even on sensitive areas
  • Precision attachment for safe facial treatment
  • Bigger body attachment for fast treatment
  • Slide and Flash mode for a more convenient application




Inside the Box

Comes with pouch, Instructions for use: Full user manual, Quick Start Guide, Charger, Precision nozzle and the Lumea gun.


The Gun!


Sleek and sexy!


Big button to hold! Power button and level buttons. As you can see from the red light my baby needs a charge.


The rim of this detects when it’s in contact with you skin for the Slide and Flash function.


This picture shows you the whole gun as well as the precision nozzle. Which is so useful for those small areas and the face.

On a side note do you know how hard it is to take photo’s of your legs on a camera. I ended up using my phone.

Now please be aware I have had Laser before so not all my hair is gone because of the Lumea.

To give you some idea of how hair works, hair doesn’t just all grow at the same time it grows in waves or stages. That’s why with laser or any other hair removal its set over a few sessions.


This may seem like a lot of hair after having laser and IPL.

But take into account that this is 2 weeks without shaving. The hair is soft and really contains only a few dark coloured hairs.

I’ve used the Lumea around 3-4 times. Once every couple of weeks.


I shave maybe once every week but I want to show you how much hair was really left.

As for pain it’s really not that bad. To be honest epilating is way worse. I have no idea how people do that.

The most pain I every felt was like a rubber band being flicked on my skin or small needle prick. The knee and ankle are the places I felt it the most. The underarms are fine and had no problem with them.

I’ve heard the bikini is painful. I tried it on the top of the bikini area and felt little pain but I’m not game to put it any closer to my neither regions.

The Slide and Flash mode is so useful, I just do my legs as I watch TV now. I simply hold down the button place it on my skin and zap! You don’t need to let the button go or anything and by just moving it up your leg it will zap again.


I love my Lumea! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is sick of shaving all the time.

It’s a high cost item I’ll give you that, but lets look at it this way.  To get the lower leg lasered it costs around $150-$200 per session (but you can lower the cost by paying up front) and you require approximately 6-8 sessions. I’ve created a simple table to give you some idea of the cost comparison.

Price Comparison Table

Cost of 6 treatments for IPL and Laser VS Lumea Upfront price.

Laser  IPL Lumea
$900 $1800 $1299.95
$1110 $1200 $1299.95
$1620 $2160 $1299.95

This little beauty allows you to use it on any part you want whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a high upfront cost with a long-term saving.

I’m so glad to have been given the chance to try the Lumea. It’s an item that has found a permanent place in my routine.

This item was provided for consideration but all views expressed are my own.




  1. I am so jealous of all of you guys who got to review this!!

  2. Is the hair removal permanent?
    If not, how often is the treatment needed?
    I’m considering buying one of these but reading as many reviews as possible beforehand.

    • Somewhat.
      IPL puts the folic to sleep where as Laser destroys it. So if you want permenant hair removal laser is the better option.

      That being said IPL does the same thing just not as well destructive.
      Hair grows in cycles so you need at least 5 or so treatments to get to most of the cycles.

  3. I am interested in purchasing one of these as I’m so over waiting with hairy legs for my next waxing appointment – especially in summer! I have been told that over time the home IPL systems become less effective as your hair actually lightens with continued use. Have you found this to be the case? I guess I’d just like to know that I will get my money’s worth out of it, compared to my inexpensive waxing that I get done currently.

  4. Whether you believe it or not, I’ve been had this device for about a year and treated my arm pits, legs and lower arms. Though the way how I remember it, I treated as I spotted whenever the new hairs growing up. Now I’m completely hairless for those parts I treated, sure there’s few invisible hairs are still growing, but not as much as it used to be. I know it’s premature to think that it worked permanently for now since the manufacture stated it puts hair follicles sleep about 6 to 8 years, but I want to believe that it worked permanently for now. Even if I have done other parts at the professional places with professional lasers, but the hairs were all the time grown back in every two months. With Lumea, at least the hairs doesn’t grow back quite often as when it they are treated with professional laser.

    If I calculate the total amount of money that I saved on by just using Lumea and which came to approximetely 3 – $8000 as the professional places charge you couple of hundred of bucks for such a small part like armpits so easily. In the end, I saved big sum of money and finally liberated from that annoying hairs.

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