Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection Part 1 (Pic heavy)

Hello Lovelies

Today I’m here to introduce you to one of the cutest Korean brands out there.


Etude House is a highly successful Korean brand that feature playful and cute products.

The names actually comes from the musical term étude’  A étude is usually designed to provide a pianist with practice material to perfect a specific skill.

Etude House’s aim is to provide women with an array of practical products for them to develop and hone their make-up skills.

As of February 1st they have released their new make up range Sweet Recipe.

Sweet Recipe features Sulli and Krystal from F(x)’s as well as the lovely boys from SHINee.


The premise is simple, 1 spot 2 applicants. May the sweetest recipe win!

Today I’m just featuring 2 main products from the range. These 2 products are the first products or “Recipes” the girls have put forward!

Dear My Jelly Lips VS Baby Choux Base


Dear My Jelly Lips

Sorry its in Korean but if you expanded the info section it gives you a rundown in English.

Spring makeup with Delicious Color + Juicy Shine + Ultra Lightness = Jelly Lips


lip_img1Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk 116rb 2

Baby Choux Base

Baby Choux skin, moist inside and fluffy outside! A hydrating base that creates flawless skin.


I really can’t wait to try out the Jelly Lips. I’m also really interested to see the coverage for the Baby Choux Base. I really don’t like wearing a lot of foundation so I usually wear BB Cream.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 coming soon!

All photo’s sourced from Etude house.



  1. ZOMG! I want everything!!!!

  2. If you get any of these Steph please bring them to an ABBM meet so we can check them out! They look great but I have not had great experience with Étude to date.

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