Review – Kimchi Bambi series in Pink

Kimchi Bambi series in Pink


Name: Bambi in Pink

Company: Kimchi

Origin: Korea

Manufacturer: Vassen

Diameter: 16mm

Water Content: 55%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

Power Range: Plano ~ 5.00D | 0.25 Step

5.00D ~ 8.50D | 0.50 Step

Price:$18 – $25 Aud


(Back and front of the lenses)

  The back of the lens and the front are very similar. The only difference is the black is a bit more faded and dotted on the back. So when putting these in I checked them about 4 times to make sure I was putting them in the right way.

These lenses are in my old prescription of -0.50 so seeing with them is pretty easy.  I find that sometimes my eyes take a few sec to focus on things in the distance or when I switch from looking at something close up to something in the distance.  Again I don’t recommend driving with circle lenses without having glasses on hand especially at night.

Comfort – 4/5

Kimchi lenses are always so comfy I only applied contact solution at about 6hours or wear or so and they still felt fine. My eyelashes were more annoying haha.


Colour/Design – 4/5

Lens Preview



Natural Light


With Flash


The lens preview is really odd with these lenses they really don’t look Pink in the preview or on the model it really looks like more of a purple. However they look really pink on my blue eyes!

The Design features 3 toned pigmentation to create the vivid look. Defiantly not a lens for everyday wear on me.

KimchiBambiPink [320x200]


Enlargement – 5/5



16mm enlargement effect and boy can you tell.

Left side puny blue eye, right side massive anime eye!


Packaging – 5/5

  bottle2 bottle1

Kimchi always have cute packaging. Bottles come sealed.

The writing on the top of the bottom is mine. I label my lenses with the date I opened them and the eye it’s from so I can store them in the bottles. I wash out the bottles every couple of months and always fill them with fresh solution.


Verdict – 4.5/5


 Super comfy, a cute design and really prominent. Great for cosplay or lolita probably not the best on blue eyes if you want to go for a more subtle everyday look.

I have these in green and violet as well. I would buy the brand and style again just probably not in this colour.


What’s your favourite lens brand?

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