How crochet saved my nails

One of my favourite Nail Polishes by Peripera

One of my favourite Nail Polishes by Peripera

Many moons ago and on a different blog some of your may remember that I had a terrible nail biting problem.


This was my attempt to stop biting them the first time! I even filmed 2 videos. Here and here.

To break a habit is problematic, but to break one when you don’t even know your doing it is a very challenging prospect.

So undertook steps to bet this bad habit!

Here they are

1. Isolate the problem!

This was probably the hardest bit to work out because even if you stop biting them consciously its the unconsciously part that’s the problem.

It took a long time to work out but I only bit my nails when I’m bored, anxious or stressed.

I fidget so much I actually need to be doing something with my fingers all the time. This had been my downfall the whole time.

Don’t get me wrong. I tired the stop biting nail polish. I just ignore it when I start biting them. I tried the rubber band technique were you flick yourself when you catch yourself biting your nails.

But no matter how much I tried as soon as I watched TV or a movie my nails were gone!

Nails on November 26th 2012

Nails on November 26th 2012

2. Break the Habit

OK this I had done over a year ago. I broke the habit of wanting to bite my nails. I still want to sometimes.

I always get those moments when I want to just “fix” my nails and this just makes them worse because teeth aren’t very apt nail files. So I now carry a nail file with me everywhere. This has curbed that indulgence because I just pull out my file and actually fix the nail instead of biting most of it off in the attempt to get it perfect.

So I had broken the habit of wanting to bit my nails but somehow I was still nail-less! How? I don’t bite them anymore, right? WRONG!!!

I had been biting them every time I did something that meant my hands were occupied! No matter how many times I stopped biting if I didn’t work out something to do with my hands while I watched K-drama I was never going to have nails.

Nails on December 6th 2012

Nails on December 6th 2012

3. Substitute

Thanks to my amazing mum I have finally beaten this!

When she came down for my birthday a bit over a month ago I told her of my plight. I had been making ribbons into bows and then undoing them over and over again in an attempt to stop it, but man did that get annoying.

Then an idea struck me. “MUM! you know how to crochet, teach me oh great master”

So from that day I have been crocheting up a storm! My granny square blanket is well on its way and should be all ready for winter and my nails are looking fabulous.

It seems almost too simple! I had broken the habit of wanting to bite my nails a long time ago so in truth all I needed to do was figure out why they were still missing and then fix that!

Nails on December 17th 2012

Nails on December 17th 2012

4. Implement

So now when ever I watch TV I’m always crocheting.

I still pick at my nails, mainly the chipped polish if I don’t redo it relatively soon.

But I am glad to say that I now have nails!

Here they are just before Christmas!

Nails on December 24th 2012

Nails on December 24th 2012

My Crochet Creations so far

My Crochet Creations so far



  1. That is so awesome, you break a nasty habit and get creations out at the same time! Crochet me something, o great one. =P

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