Review – Fynale Kiwi Series (J06) in Pink


Fynale Kiwi Series (J06) in Pink


Name: Kiwi (J06) in Pink

Company: Fynale

Origin: Korea

Manufacturer: I-Medi Co Ltd

Diameter: 14.5mm with 16mm++ Enlargement

Water Content: 42%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

Power Range: Plano ~ 6.5D | 0.50 Step

Price: $25Aud

Available From: Official Fynale Facebook Page


(Back and front of the lenses)

Black Rim is slightly thicker on the front of the lens so it isn’t a problem for me to find which way to put them in.

I picked these up in my persecution -0.50 and although I could see they were a little a blurry. So I wouldn’t recommend these for night time driving.



These lenses like the other Fynale lenses I have tried are amazingly comfortable I seriously forget that I am wearing them. I can wear these all day with no discomfort at all.



Lens Preview


Natural Light


With Flash


The colour is quite muted compared to the other circle lenses I own.  It almost has a slight lilac shade to them when they sit onto of my blue eyes.





 As you can tell from the above picture the lenses still feature a substantial enlargement effect. This is due to the large black rim.



bottletop label bottleback



The lenses are quite subtle against blue eyes. The pink is noticeable but not near as striking which is great for general day to day wear.

The prescription can be a little blurry at times and it does take me a few seconds longer to focus with them on.

Probably the pair I am most likely to wear everyday which is great! I need to start finding pairs that I can wear to work without freaking people out to much. I’m just gonna ease everyone into it haha.


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Lens Series


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