Review: Fernwood Cell IQ – First Session

Hey Guys!

Today I’m here to give you my review of the Cell IQ treatment available at Fernwood gym’s around Australia.

I had been looking into the treatment for a while and I noticed a lack of outside source reviews. Sure the site has quite a few testimonials and photo’s but I really wanted to see reviews from an outside point of view.

So after I was offered a free session I decided to do the review myself!


Lets be honest here. The above photo is completely Photoshopped. Seriously no one has skin that smooth.

The site however does feature several photos of before and after shots. One of them being from the lady who actually performed my treatment, the lovely Kim.

Kim’s Photo’s


What does it promise?


“The results vary depending on your size, lifestyle and diet but you could lose up to two dress sizes in those trouble spot areas. The more committed you are to the treatment, the better results you will see. It’s really important that you stick to a healthy diet and follow an exercise program. The result will be more effective when combined with exercise specially designed to burn energy.”

Weight reduction in those hard to move areas.

My hard to move area is my upper thigh just below my bum. No matter how much I work out I can’t seem to shift it. So I decided to get the treatment on that area.

What is Cell IQ and how does it work?

“cell-IQ™ is cold laser therapy using very low doses of light with a very low risk of complications. Lovehandles, muffin tops – you name it. cell-IQ™ can treat stubborn trouble spots thighs, buttocks, stomach, calves, knees, arms and hips.”

The laser penetrates about a cm deep into the skin and in simple terms disintegrates the adipose cells. This results in 1 glycerol and three fatty acids per cell.

The Glycerol is conveyed to the liver though body fluid or Hemainode and the fatty acid is conveyed to the liver by combining with Albumi. This then passes through your bowels. Apparently a little also comes out your lungs. How funky!

Once the cells are broken down you work out to kick-start your system and get the cells moving. Otherwise the fat will just become solid again after about 48 hours.

The area feels almost like jelly when you get it done as the acid and glycerol are just floating around in your interstitial space.


2 Smaller pads are placed on the lymph nodes near your pelvis and then 4 larger pads are placed on the target areas.


The treatment is painless and is made up of 3 6 minute sessions. After 6 minutes the pads are moved to a new area.

How many treatments will I need?

“For best results a course of eight treatments is recommended for each body area, over four weeks. So that’s two sessions a week.”

The Machine!


Measurements are taken before and after the session. I also took them after the work out and 48 hours later.

Here are the before and after photo’s


Yes Kim drew a smiley face on my thigh haha!

You can see the slight reduction of the fat in the photo but its the measurements that really tell the story.


Right Leg Top/bottom: 60cm/57cm

Left Leg Top/Bottom: 61cm/57cm

After Treatment:

Right Leg Top/bottom: 59cm/55cm

Left Leg Top/Bottom: 60cm/55cm


Top: 1cm

Bottom: 2cm

Combined loss total :3cm

After Work out

Right Leg Top/bottom: 56cm/53.5cm

Left Leg Top/Bottom: 55cm/53cm


Top: R – 5cm L – 6cm

Bottom: R – 3.5cm L – 4cm

Combined loss total :  R – 8.5cm   L – 10cm

48 Hours Later

Right Leg Top/bottom: 57cm/54cm

Left Leg Top/Bottom: 57cm/54cm


Top: R -3 cm L – 4cm

Bottom: R – 3cm L – 3cm

Final Combined loss total:

R – 6cm   L – 7cm


So the big question. does it work? YES!

Seriously I had my doubts but the science was sound and it wasn’t just another fad saying you can lose weight by doing nothing. It clearly states you have to work out and be healthy for it to work. You don’t just get zapped and then are super thin. I can see this being really useful to women who have had kids as I’m told losing weight can be really hard after child-birth.

Would I get it again? Yes and No.

No because I just don’t have the income to afford its $100-200 a session price tag at the moment.

Yes because it works. I mean it really works. The measurements prove it! I refereed 3 friends so I’m getting a second session for free as well. I can’t wait!


Check out the Cell IQ Website to look into getting Cell IQ for yourself!

Text in italic is taken directly from the Cell IQ Website.

Have you had Cell IQ done?



  1. This sounds really interesting! 🙂 I’m glad to see that the treatment does seem to show some results as just hearing “Cell IQ” makes me think it is a gimmick – thanks for explaining the theory/process behind it!

    • Thanks Sarah!!
      I thought the same thing too when I heard “Cell IQ”
      I was really happy with the results from just one session and I knew I had to do a review because there is such a lack of outside reviews of the process!

      Thanks so much for the comment lovely!

  2. Kim asked me about you when I was there and I showed her your review on my ipad. She was DELIGHTED! Ran off to show her boss too. Haha.

  3. Ok im sold going to have to have a look at this stuff!
    Get my sexy back!
    Sakura x

  4. oh wow oh wow! :O
    I would seriously try this! XD my trouble areas are my inner thighs and a bump on my tummy! If only I had lots of money! haha! The results were surprising! 😀

  5. My friend tried this and she lost several inches from her arms. I’m trying it in a few weeks, I cant wait to get a start on those problem areas!

  6. Hey, thanks for doing the review. I am a member of Fernwood Rundle Mall and went to the gym this morning for the first time in a month (been away) and they had the Cell IQ posters up everywhere. When I looked it up yeah I noticed info only on Fernwood sites ect but thought it must be because Fernwood bought the licencing Australia wide and are puuting them in all their gyms… The poster is a real turn off cause you know she is an airbrushed model… But I had some automatic trust that it would be ok cause it is Fernwood and they wouldn’t invest in putting those machines in all their gyms if they didn’t get results… The regulars at my gym talk to each other and there is no doubt if they were crap word would spread fast. Especially with amazing people like you that bother to do propper blog reviews!!!! I have been thinking about it all week so might make an appointment for a free trial (since you said St Agnes are doing this then I am sure Rundle Mall will)

    $100-$200 per session is expensive…. To drop 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks I would pay $800…. But not $1600! To drop 4 dress sizes in 8 weeks I would pay $1600. I was on medication for 3 yrs which contributed to me putting on 16kg… I am now almost off the medication and I want my body back!!! I have a trip booked for Bali in 5 weeks so some quick results would be appreciated!

    3 questions that you may or may not know…
    1. How many sessions did Kim have and over what time frame?
    2. How many target areas did St Agnes let you choose per session… 2, 3, 4?
    3. Does 2 dress sizes mean you would go from a size 14 down to 12… (do they count size 13?) OR is 2 dress sizes size 14 down to 10 (down 2 standard dress sizes?)

    I wil be asking Fernwood Rundle mall the last two questions tomorrow… But would be interested to hear about St Agnes.

    Thanks heaps for your review xxxx

    • Hey there!

      Thanks for commenting!
      I also used to go to the Fernwood City gym! its so lovely!

      Ok I’ll answer the questions best I can.

      I believe Kim only ended up having 6 sessions to get her to that. I’m not 100% sure but this of course was coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

      They only work one area at a time. As that way its much more effective. so you have to choose your target area. I choose thighs but I’m tempted to try my tummy! I know there are ladies who have treated one area until they were happy and then moved onto another area over the sessions. But I believe its 1 session 1 area.

      As for the dress sizes, I’m not sure. Personally I don’t think dress sizes are the best way to measure this. The whole point is that your burning that hard to reach fat not trying to instantly drop weight. Its for people who already work out but just can’t seem to move fat on some area’s. Sure that may mean you lose a dress size or 2 on your hips if your getting your tummy treated but your bust is probably going to stay the same. (if not lose a little bit due to working out after the sessions.)

      Overall dress sizes are misleading I find. I’d say its more about how much fat can you lose in those target areas if your a size 12 but you find your more of a size 14 in your tummy area this will bring that into line with your bust and hips.

      I hope that makes some sense. I’m going back for another session soon as I’ve been really busy with work so I’ll ask them about the last question too!

      I hope that helped you.


      • Hi girls
        It just bullshit:( If you want to spend yor money for nothing go and do that.
        I got 6 sessions(Castle Hill Fernwood) just tummy area with 40 minutes exercite also very heavy diet.After 3 weeks i lost just 2 cm. I wanted let you know.

        Goos luck.

        • Hi Rosa

          Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you.
          With regards to your diet were you eating healthy or dieting?
          I know due to medical reasons there are a select few people who haven’t shown results.

          This review is simply my experience and you can see from the pictures and the measurements that it really did work for me.

          I hope your exercise and dieting goes well.

    • Hey,
      So I wanted to come online and update you on how my Cell IQ went…
      I got the free trial session but they forgot to take some of my measurements (because us ladies chat too much!) so got a 2nd free trial session… YAY! I then booked in for the packaged of 8 session over 4 weeks ($800) at Fernwood in the city… so with the x2 free trials plus 8 paid sessions I did a total of 10 session over 5 weeks and I lost 5kg.

      What I loved about it is that I did lose the weight from my targeted area (upper thighs). I am naturally pear shape and lose weight from my upper body quickly… but slower from my belly button down usually takes longer, so I was happy to be able to target and see results on my lower body within 5 weeks. I can’t remember the cm loss but I could definitely see my jeans get baggier on my upper thighs… and months later they are still baggy.

      I have maintained my 5kg weight loss (75kg down to 70kg) from Cell IQ Nov 2012 and I have now started my second round of Cell IQ… I am focusing the circumference of my lower belly (bellow my belly button) and my love handles/back/hips. My aim is to lose another 5kg (goal 65kg).

      Once again I had instant cm loss on my first session. They measure you in three places and then they add it all together to give you a ‘total cm lost’ the total cm lost around the circumference of my lower belly/hips/love handles was 14 cm… so divide that by 3 and in that area I approximately lost 4.6cm for one measurement. Just completed my first week (of my second round) of cell IQ and lost 1.3kg… so I am on track to lose my 5kg 🙂

      I know I could probably continue to lose weight without Cell IQ but eating healthy and exercising… but I had been trying for soo long without seeing much of a difference… Cell IQ accelerates what I am trying to do, and seeing results keeps me motivated to keep going. Also paying the big $$$ makes you be a little more accountable LOL. Also having that check-in chat twice a week about your eating and exercise with the Fernwood staff member doing your Cell IQ appointment also keeps you accountable!

  7. Yes, but how long has it kept off? I have found these things work initially to get you hooked and no matter what exercise and healthy living you participate in, the fat over a period of weeks returns. Have you taken your measurements lately?

    • Hi!

      I just too my measurements today just for you.
      I have put on about 2-3cm on each leg. But I believe that is purely because I haven’t been working out or eating very well lately.
      Around Christmas was a very stressful period of my life and as such I ate my feelings. Super bad!!

      The fat wont return if you continue to workout and eat healthy. They make that very clear that if you want to results to stick you need to be healthy. This isn’t something you can do and then stop working out because yes, you will put it back on as that’s were your body stores it’s fat. Its that extra push your body needs to get rid of the fat in those hard places on your body. So its great for someone who works out regularly and eats healthy but still can’t seem to move that belly fat. It’s not a quick fix meaning you never have to work out again.

      I hope that answered your question. Let me know if you have any more!


  8. Hi all 🙂 I was SO hesitant to have Cell IQ – But I just had my 4th session at City Fernwood (Adelaide) results are fantastic! I was holding a lot of stubborn weight in my thighs, and I have lost 8cm already! this treatment really works. I am not a large girl, about size 12-14, but i have been trying to push that weight for sometime now. The training after the session is important, but I have done 20 minutes each time and its been enough. Its also relaxing as well. I hope others get success! Im feeling confident again in my work skirts.

  9. I wanted to add as well – I was a non-member at Adelaide and it was going to cost me $1200 at Rundle Mall for 8 sessions, but then the lady offered me a $1000 package for 8 treatments plus a membership and food coaching session, and I am paying it off. I asked for a 4 pack, but she suggested I did 8, so maybe they have 4 packs available? I have more sessions next week. I also think that you have to be really careful that the therapist knows where the Lymphatic system is, this makes all the difference as it works on the Lympes nodes. The girl at Rundle Mall has knowledge and experience, so I believe she knows what she is doing. I also heard aorund the club that someone at St Agnes did not see the results, and it was because of the therapist where she was placing the pads. Thought this would help other ladies before spending money. Make sure you get it for $1000 MAX. Good luck 😀

    • Hi Hayley,
      I am a Fernwood Rundle Mall member and I haven’t seen 4 packs advertised. One of the girls has mentioned that it is possible to buy one-by-one maintaince sessions after you have done your first 8 sessions.

  10. Ooo another vixen commented! X”D I’m the fursuity one you know ^o^
    But this looks very interesting and good to know something actually works! Do all fernwoods offer the free trial? If they do I’d probly consider doing the same in the same area X’3 Just to see for myself! I need to exercise more.. but I hate going to the gym X_x (unless they are small and quiet!).. plus.. the $$$ ^^;

  11. Fernwood in the city is doing a deal at the moment of $800 for 8 Cell IQ sessions, 6 PT sessions… and some food coaching session… all in one bundle. I’d be interested in hearing the deals that the other Fernwoods run.

    BTW I have told my fernwood that I won’t pay more than $800… any more than that is just ludicrous ($800 is already VERY expensive) so when they say it is on special $800 from $1600 save $800… .really??… When is it ever $1600… and who would pay $1600? If they do put the price up to $1600 I hope people refuse to sign up so they can then keep the price as is.

  12. I only just stumbled across this as I am having my first Cell-IQ session next Monday.
    I was lucky enough to win a free full course (8 sessions) through the Fernwood i attend!
    I am excited and nervous all at the same time!
    Your results make me excited as I am going to get it done on my thighs too, as they are my most stubborn area!
    Have you managed to keep your results? I worry that it won’t last.. (even though i exercise on a regular basis)

    • Hi there 🙂

      Just saw your post about getting the treatment. Have you completed the treatment? Can you share us some of your reviews and experience? Thanks !


  13. I had my first cell IQ today, and straight after my first session prior to my workout, I had lost 16.5cm off my stomach. I was blown away. I am defiantly digging into savings to get my 8 sessions.

  14. Hey there 🙂
    I was interested in Cell IQ as I just joined Fernwood gym in Brisbane. I am not a leather girl either, but there are some areas that I have struggled getting rid of for a long time, and I thought maybe this could be a solution to get the best result combined with right workouts. I am absolutely keen on trying after reading your review!! Amazing result on such short term. I am the same that I cannot afford many treatments at the same time, but looks like it is definitely worth trying.

    Thank you for sharing us your review and opinion. You have definitely helped me decide!! Just wondering are there any updates on areas you got the treatment on?

    Thank you xx

  15. I had a free session at my gym this morning and was surprised by the results. I’m a natural sceptic and hadn’t been able to find much online about it, so wasn’t expecting much, but I had a 6.5cm loss across 3 areas on my abdomen (10 minutes each area). I must say I’m very tempted, especially as there’s a sale coming up soon.

    Since you had your session over a year ago, I wonder whether the results have lasted?

    • Sadly due to my surgery my body shape has changed and this has affected the area that being said I still see a reduction in the area. Once I am all healed up I am going back for another session I am so excited!
      Again I must make clear that CellIQ helps but you must eat healthy and exercise. I mean sure you could do it just before a big day or something but it costs so much money its not worth just doing it and then letting it go.

      If you already eat healthy and exercise its great for that final push! I’m glad to hear it work out so well for you.


  16. Hi girls,
    I hope it will be useful, on the Cell IQ website you can book a free session ( as I understand). They said “Fill in the form and your local cell-IQ™ specialist will contact you within 24 business hours to arrange your free treatment consultation.” I have submitted my application today here Let’s see.

  17. I think you should all check out the Therapeutic Products Complaints Resolution Panel Complaints Register that upheld a decision that Cell IQ used misleading information in advertising and sanctioned the following retraction:

    Advertisements for the Cell-IQ device, which we published on the websites and, were misleading and abused the trust of consumers, and should not have been published.

    In the advertisements we unlawfully made claims that the advertised product could reduce fat, reduce body measurements, or reduce clothing size, cause fat loss, “turn fat into energy”, offer fast or immediate results, and act as a “revolutionary new fat-reduction technology”.

    A complaint about the advertisement was recently upheld by the Complaints Resolution Panel. We provided no evidence to support the claims we made about the product, and the Panel found that the claims were unlawful, misleading, and unverified, and that they abused the trust of consumers, in breach of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

    The Panel therefore requested that Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs (Australia) Pty Ltd and Cell-IQ Pty Ltd publish this retraction.

    The full text of the Panel’s determination can be found at:

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