Review – Nivea Pure and Natural lip balm in Milk and Honey


Product : Pure and Natural lip balm in Milk and Honey

Brand: Nivea

Purchased from: Priceline

Available from:Priceline, Target, Big W, Kmart and Coles

Price: $5AUD

When people ask me what’s my favorite smell, milk and honey is always one of my first answers!

So when Nivea released a lip care product in milk and honey I was ecstatic. Milk and honey on my lips oh nom nom.

I went straight out and picked it up from the nearest Priceline.


Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because it’s all natural but I don’t think it smells much like milk and honey at all. Not the standard Milk and honey smell you get from other products on the market. To be honest it smells more like the flowers the honey came from than honey itself.

Sadly the smell is actually irritating to my nose and I can’t use it without my nose snuffling up.

I was really disappointed about the smell. The balm itself is really lovely glides on well, hydrates and nourishes but because of the smell I just can barely use it.




Very moistuerising
Natural ingredients, preservative free


I think it doesn’t smell like Milk and Honey
Irritates my nose

Would I repurchase? No, my nose just can’t handle it. I’m trying to use it up by applying it at night before bed. I wake up with my lips feeling great and the smell doesn’t irritate my nose while I’m sleeping. The actual product is great! so hydrating and lovely but the smell!! šŸ™

So if your looking for a lovely lip balm and have a stronger nose than I this product might be just right for you. The balm is also available in Chamomile & Calendula.

Nivea has also released a new lip range called Fruity shine! So I’m keen to try those out as well.

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