Review – Kimchi Mermaid Series in Green


Kimchi Mermaid Series in Green



Name: Mermaid in Green

Company: Kimchi

Origin: Korea

Manufacturer: Vassen

Diameter: 16mm

Water Content: 55%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

Power Range: Plano ~ 5.00D | 0.25 Step

5.00D ~ 8.50D | 0.50 Step

Price:$18 – $25 Aud

Available from: My Fashion Eye,,,

(Please be aware that I did not purchase my lenses from these stores they are simply the stores I found that now sell them.)

(Back and front of the lenses)

 The design is faded on the back making it hard to put these in the wrong way.

These are also in my prescription of -0.50. I could see well but found lights at night to be a little bit blurry so I would not recommend these for driving.



These lenses were very comfortable. Not the most comfortable I’ve worn as I had a bit of irritation at first but within 15mins I could barely feel them.



Lens Preview

Natural Light

With Flash

The design is very striking and people notice them straight away. The lenses have several different shades of green on them which gives these lenses an amazingly bright mixed green colour from a distance. As the black lines feature in the whole lens design the black out rim doesn’t look so harsh.



The enlargement effect is noticeable but even without false lashes the lenses looked quite nice on me. I could defiantly wear these lenses out a lot but still not really a pair I could wear to work. Great for lazy days when you want to look nice but can’t be bothered with fake lashes.





The lenses are comfortable and have a lovely design. They are quite noticeable but I’m able to wear them without false lashes! Totally my new favourite pair now.



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