Review – My Little Pony Cutie Mark Shorts in Rarity by Vitae Clothing

Wow that title is a mouth full!

Today I’m here with another review of the wonderful brand Vitae Clothing

I love My Little Pony and I have loved it since I was a little girl. That’s right I’m a hipster pony!

I own the original 1984 series on DVD and still have many of my ponies from when I was younger.Β  So when the new series began I was very excited to see how they had evolved.

The new series is called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and if you haven’t watched it yet you must check it out!

Here’s the first episode. I know some of you are probably like “my little pony isn’t my thing” but give it chance trust me. The humor can be very adult at times and the art is amazing.

Anyway onto the review!

I don’t usually wear shorts but when I saw Vitae Clothing was releasing Cutie Marked shorts I had to get a pair in my favourite Ponies cutie mark.



The most fabulous pony in Ponyville!

Front of Shorts

Back of Shorts

I usually don’t wear shorts as all the shorts I’ve tried on in the past have ridden up when I sit down or walk. I’m sorry but shorts should cover your whole backside! That was my biggest fear with these shorts, that when I got them they would show off more than I would like.

But as you can see in these photo’s the shorts don’t ride up at all and sit nicely on the upper thigh. They fit really well but don’t bunch or rise up. πŸ™‚

The cutie mark is embroidered onto the back of the shorts. This means that one pocket can’t be used at the back but that doesn’t really bother me. I believe she has changed the way she does this now so that the pocket is still useable in the new shorts.

My shorts are a size 12 (30)

There are available in size 6-12 Aus but I know Kelly said she is looking into getting larger sizes so if your bigger than a size 12 never fear! Just send her an email about it.

According to my Fashionary the garment can be Machine washed under 30C, is not to be bleached, should be ironed at under 110C and shouldn’t be dry cleaned. I put these through the washing machine and the dryer with no problems at all.

Bow Detail

Cutie Mark Detail

Inside of shorts detail

They come in a range of different cutie marks at $55 ea, made from stretch denim with an embroidered applique on the right rear.

But now that its cold here in Australia! She has release Pony Pants!!

These are the first pictures available!!

Prices will range from $75 – $85 for the more complicated cutie marks.

I can’t wait get a pair of Rarity ones but maybe ill get the pants in lavender this time. White can be hard to clean. I also totally want a Minty pair!

I love my shorts so much! Even in winter I’m wearing them with tights because they are super cool!

Check out her online store

And her Facebook

Vitae Clothing Facebook!





  1. wow – I never wear shorts cos I hate my legs, but with leggings I could muster up the confidence! I have some blackmilk ones I haven’t worn out yet πŸ˜€

    • Eden! leggings are the best! I’m not a big fan of my legs on their own but get a good pair of leggings and everything looks better!
      At least you wear skirts! i love skirts too. Thinking about seeing if I can get kelly to make me a skirt for spring with a cutie mark on it!

      can’t wait for your dress! omg!

  2. Wow these are so cute! πŸ™‚ I think the pants are a good idea too but for some reason I think this design/theme looks better as shorts – the details stand out more I think.

    • That’s a good point Sarah. I really want to get a pair of pants as well as its very cold at the moment. I know these babies will get a work out in spring!

      I’m looking at getting some good photo’s of the new pants to see how they look but the jeans available are amazing. They make anyone look fantastic. No joke!


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