Music Love – Scream by 2NE1

This is the song I’m currently listening to on repeat and loving!

This song is by the Korean Girl group 2NE1 However this song was released in Japanese for their Japanese single.

It’s apparently their worst performing song they have released in Japanese but I love it!

The group consists of (in order) Dara, Minzy, CL, Park Bom

I love Minzy she’s my favourite!

Park Bom and Minzy

CL and Dara


Do you listen to KPop or JPop?




  1. Wow you are using my theme!

    And you also love 2NE1! I loooove 2NE1~ <3

    • Hi!

      Omg I really wanted to say thank you for the theme its a great base! I love it!

      The site is a bit bare on content at the moment but its getting there!

      I love 2NE1! and I also love BigBang as well!

      Secret and Miss A are Also great!

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