Review – Three-Piece Blended Wig in LilacxPinkxLight blonde

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my first wig review

I have quite a few wigs so I plan on going through them and reviewing them for the site.

This is one of my most recent purchases which is great because you guys get as much details as possible.

With some of the older wigs I own I might not know much details about them anymore 🙁

So onto the review!

The Wig is a three-piece blended wig in Lilac X Pink X Light Blonde.

It features the main wig with 2 additional clip on ponytails.

Stock Photo

This picture is taken directly from the listing of the item

Purchased from: Coser Style on Taobao

Price: 135yuan = Approx $20Aud

As this item was bought with a whole bunch of other items shipping is kind of hard to work out. Taobao is in Chinese and require you to use an agent to ship overseas. I used Taobao Now.

The store itself has a shipping fee of 25Yuan = $4AUD

The lowest shipping costs available from Taobao now are about $19AUD but this is based on weight.

They also charge a fee for there service which is 10% or Minimum is 50yuan = $8AUD.

So if you were just buying this item it would cost you around $50AUD all up. Obviously more items lowers the cost.

So even if you just got this wig the cost is quite reasonable!

Communication: As I had to use an agent I didn’t actually speak to the store itself the agent contacted them in Chinese. Taobao Now’s Communication was really good!

I sent the details of the order on the 4/12/11 and got a reply on the 5/12/11. They then contacted the sellers within a day or two of receiving payment. Due to some other items from other sellers being unavailable it did take over a month to get to sent out as we were working out replacement items.

The package was shipped on the 4/1/12 and I received the package on the 9/1/12. 5 Days to get from china!! so good. That’s with the item being checked by customs as well.


Quality: The wig is made from synthetic fibers. As the store is in Chinese I don’t know what type.

The fibers are quite soft and silky, but show up a little shiny in photos with flash on.

With Flash

Again as the store is in Chinese I was unable to find out if it was heat resistant. Due to the price I would say it would NOT be Heat Resistant.

The wig has a skin top,

Skin top Inside

Skin Top Outside

Large mesh sides and adjustable straps for a tight fit as well as 2 ponytail clips.

Without Clips

With Clips

Overall: I’m super in love with this wig! its soft and comfortable. The communication was good, shipping was fast and the price was very good!

I would defiantly pick up some more wigs from them. I have a few more upcoming reviews of wigs that I purchased from this store as well so keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for reading guys I hoped you enjoyed the review!





  1. I really think it suits you. It definatly wouldn’t be heat resistant.

    • Yea for the price I assumed as much. I need to do a heat test on a bit of the hair to check.

      You can get wigs in this style that are but they are more around $50-$60 price range

      Thanks for the comment hun!

  2. Hi Steph woh this is indeed a detailled review! But excellent! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah!
      Yes it is lol! But I’m couldn’t find a balance between detailed and too long so I just went with super detailed and people can just look at the photos if they like.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Vixen_Costumes says:

    YEY WIGS! I have a collection going on atm too!… X”D How do you store them? I wanted to put them all on foam heads.. but.. I have so many now and the heads aren’t cheap (well.. I can’t find any cheap ones!)
    Was thinking plastic wig holders.. but then I wondered about dust and such, gyah! any good way to store away without messing up curls ect? O.o
    Thanks Jen Jen! =D

  4. Awesome! I really like the WIGS!! Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for and they don’t charge a service fee if you’re in Australia.

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