Vitae Clothing – Custom Cuffs

Hi everyone

Today I’m here to talk about the super adorable pair of cuffs that I won for Vitae Clothing!

These were custom-made for me as I won a giveaway held by Vitae Clothing at Avcon last year.


There are very comfortable and feature 2 layers of dyed lace, a ribbon and a resin charm.

The band is elastic so they don’t slide at all and stay firmly on your arms no matter how much you flail.

Close up of the charm! I love this ice cream bowl! The standard cuffs come in varying colour combinations and charms. So if ice cream bowls aren’t your thing never fear!

Cam whore Time!

The Lenses are Mio by Kimchi

The Dress is from Bodyline

The necklace is one of my creations a beautiful Rarity necklace.

and of course the cuffs are from Vitae Clothing

Here are some examples of other cuffs that have been available in the past (pictures taken from the Vitae Clothing Facebook)

Prices range from $25 – $35 based on style

please check out Vitae clothing facebook page as well as Etsy Store.

You can also find there products stocked around Australia in the below stores

Visage and Vice Boutique

Tokyo Hardcore

Miss Pixie

Miss Kittiness

Shin Tokyo

So what are you waiting for! go out and get your own super cute cuffs! ;P

Thanks for reading guys!


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