Review: SKIN79 Hot Pink Super + Triple Functions BB Cream

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Product : SKIN79 Hot Pink Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream

Brand: SKIN79

Purchased from: Gmarket

Available from: Pinky Paradise, Shoppingholics, PrettyandCute

Price: $19- 25USD review

Hi guys!

I’m back with quick review of the SKIN79 Hot Pink Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream wow is that a mouthful!

So after seeing a few people using this BB Cream I thought to myself I had to try it!

Frankly every time I see an ad for BB Cream in Australia about how it’s so new I giggle to myself. Western countries are just so behind in the times!

There are a huge range of BB Creams on the market now, so the first few things that drew me to this brand were, the people who had already mentioned it on their blogs as well as the bright pink packaging! I’m a sucker for packaging!

I love BB Cream. Frankly I’m really lazy and the less stuff I have to put on the better. Also I hate that look when someone is wearing too much foundation or if it’s not the right colour! I always have the fear I will end up like that.

I now wear this everyday, unless I’m going to a special event or doing photos. The coverage is enough for me to feel comfortable with and not be heavy at all!

it boasts!

Swatch Time


The only thing I don’t like about this BB Cream is, as its directed at Asians it has quite a grey undertone were as my skin has a pink undertone as I’m really pale.  You can see the slight colour difference in the photo above.


– Reasonable coverage for everyday wear

– Small enough to travel with

– Cute Packaging

– SPF25

– Not overly expensive

– Blends well


– Has a bit of a grey undertone so I have to set it with a light powder, Great for darker tones!

– Can’t really see any of the whitening effects

– Have to buy it online

– only available in 1 colour 🙁


Would I get again? Yes! but I’m going to try out one of SKIN79 other BB Creams that appears to have a more of a pink undertone.

I do like this BB Cream a lot but I feel it might be a little to grey for my skin.

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