Adelaide Beauty Conference Part 1

(This is a re post of a blog on my previous website!)

Sadly I’m only now just getting time to blog about the Adelaide Beauty conference and for that I feel so much shame!

Ok most of the items will be reviewed in separate posts but you can check out my quick *cough* 15min*Cough* video haul here.

So It’s about 2 weeks ago now that on a lovely Saturday afternoon at a very stylish salon that a bunch of beauty bloggers were brought together by the wonderful Celeste. For the first ever Adelaide Beauty Conference also known as the ABC.

The ladies in attendance

Name Blog Twitter
Celeste Becoming Beautiful @becbeautiful
Cathy Cathy’s Beauty Blog @cookie093
Jac Chloe Blue likes to sparkle @chloeblue2005
Jen Quest Jen @jly_
Jeneara Jeneara @jeneara
Kirsten Commander In Chic @commanderchic
Kitty Miss Kitty Charms @misskittycharms
Mae The Half Full Jar @maezhui
Michelle Eat Paint, Sniff Glue @wilbenshire_
Monnie Monnie Cakes @Monnie
Neena Princess Neena @princessneena
Stacey Add to Cart @addtocart
Sakura Sweet Days of Girlie @rozensaku
Sherry Sherry Mint @sherrymint

Stolen from the Adelaide Beauty Conference site by Celeste

The very stylish Salon Liquid hair was the location of this amazing event.

Most of us got there early and chatted away as we waited for the other attendees and the special guest to arrive!

Celeste, Kitty and I

Special guest time!!

Celeste, Jimmy and Violet

Photo by Me

Yes for those of you who don’t know it was the wonderful Violet LeBeaux from tales of ingénue.

*fangirl dies*

I haven’t really talked about why I got into blogging. I love reading online reviews and blogs and one day I came across a Melbourne blog full of frills and pink happy dreams. It was one of those blogs that really made me say, I want to do this! So after a couple of months of website work I started my own blog.

That blogs name was Tales of Ingénue by Violet . So meeting her was like meeting the person who first inspired you to speak or to walk. It was through her that I found Celeste’s blog Becoming beautiful and then the Adelaide beauty bloggers Meets.

Violet continues to be an inspiration not only to me but so many bloggers and I have to say she is of the nicest girls I’ve met too.

Violet and I

Photo by Me

But wait.. There’s more! That’s right; I’m also a huge fan of Violet Partners blog Jimmy America and was super excited to meet him too. He has already helped me so much with my camera and continues to provide a wealth of knowledge to those who ask. I’ve always felt a bit out of my depth when reading about cameras and have been nervous to ask about simple things as it probably makes me look like an idiot.

There has been absolutely no question that I have asked Jimmy that he hasn’t taken the time to explain it to me in simple terms I can understand. I have never felt like I can actually grasp cameras until I read his blog.

I was super excited to also talk to him as I think he might get left out a bit in violets world of cuteness and frills! But know this jimmy, we love you!!!

Here is Jimmy and I being stupid!

Photo by Me

There were cupcakes and macaroons by the lovely Monnie!

Before our 4pm start we all started talking and getting to know each other as many of us hadn’t met each other in person before.

Jen (I), Violet, Jac and Real Jen!

Kitty, I and Jen. I love Jens smile in this photo!

At 4pm sharp we got started with a talk from each of the main pillars of the event. That being Celeste for organising the entire thing, Emma for letting us use her wonderful salon as a venue and Violet for traveling up just for the day to see us and talk to us.


It was great to hear Celeste talk to us about all the hard work and time she had put into the event and then to see it come to fruition. Celeste is such an amazing person and everyday I’m inspired by her. She is the hardest working person I know and one of the sweetest as well.

Well this brings part 1 to an end!

Part 2 will be posted soon and contain much more  information about the demonstrations and events.

Thank you for reading


Photo credit to Jimmy America unless otherwise stated.

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